Z-Nation’s Season 5, Episode 2 Review: ‘A New Life’

Welcome to Newmerica. Z Nation has ditched the Z-Weed (although you do get a flash of Doc’s pipe after he has gone through the airport like security) and swapped it for Z-Biscuits. These biscuits help the new ‘talkers’ live among the humans even though they are essentially zombies, we can, as always, thank the black rain for that.

Warren is still living her best life at Cooper’s farm while the group are getting ready to vote for the integration of talkers into Newmerican society. She is happy, relaxed, and content. But, this is Z Nation, and this is Warren, past experiences with male characters indicate that this is only going to end one way.

The episode starts with Murphy finally completing his journey and bumping into Cooper at his farm. He makes it clear that he is looking for Warren and that he wants to take her to meet up with the gang over at Newmerica. This clearly doesn’t sit well with the hard to read farmer as he lures Murphy into the infamous garage and smacks him over the head, stuffing him in his favourite body stashing car. Warren ventures outside to see where Cooper is and after some lying and conversing Murphy begins to bang on the boot of the car. Warren opens it to find her red friend bound and screaming for help. A bit of superb acting by Kellita Smith makes us feel incredibly sad that this has happened to Warren again. She inevitably gives Cooper a taste of his own medicine, locks him in the boot and says that she is going to leave it up to Darwin whether he survives or not.

This scene is not only a highlight of the episode but of the whole show so far. You can really tell that it’s season 5 and that these actors are growing and improving every episode. They carried the tension right up until the moment that Cooper get’s hit and then the way Warren reacts, dismissing him as ‘just some guy’ makes the audience feel a huge amount of empathy towards their favourite leader.

Murphy finding Warren is the theme for this whole episode. The reuniting of the gang and Warren takes place (with some trouble getting Murphy through the ‘alive or dead’ test. During this reuniting we find out that George and Warren actually know each other and we get a delicious memory scene from when the apocalypse started and we saw Warren going onto George’s College campus and saving her. George then shows her influence on the whole show as it was her idea to call the Z’s Puppies and Kittens to make them appear less terrifying.

My favourite character returns and meets up with Doc and 10K in the bar. Citizen Z is there recording the lead up to the vote and we get a lovely moment of him hugging them and going over to sit with them. This is also the scene where Doc finally tells 10K that he has seen Red and that she was holding a baby with another man stood beside her. We’ve all felt like 10K at this moment as he takes Citizen Z’s green thumb drink and downs it in one.

We have another powerful moment with “___” and Pandora (who his insanely creepy) as she goes tot ouch his hand and he quickly claws it away from her. Those two are definitely people to  watch.

Everything is going well. The day of the vote comes around and George is nervous for her speech. Everyone is walking out with their ink stained thumb proving that they have voted. Just before George walks in to do her speech the camera pans towards Pandora who is walking out and waves at the group and her hands are completely clean. This means something is absolutely about to happen. Then it did. A big explosion, George flies to the floor and the ringing of the ears sound continues into the credits. I mean, could there be a more annoying bet brilliant episode cliff hanger, and it’s only episode 2!

Overall this is one of the great episode of Z Nation which is weird as the zombie action is fairly mild. The character interactions, reuniting, new story arcs and cliff hanger all add up to a tasty formula that sets this episode apart from others.

This show continues to surprise and entertain me. The character synergy is becoming almost flawless and the new rejuvenated story line that season 5 is setting up is something that I can’t wait to watch play out. The new, more linear way of this show makes it even more enjoyable in my opinion. It’s impossible to predict what’s going to happen in this show and that’s exactly what keeps me coming back every week.


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