My name is Cat, I’m a writer living on the outskirts of London, England.

I developed a morbid fascination with zombies a few years ago, prior to that they were my absolute biggest fear (probably still are)! I decided to face my fears and start watching AMC’s The Walking Dead and ever since then I can’t get enough of those undead flesh eaters!

During my undergraduate degree I wrote numerous papers focusing on zombie and horror visual culture. Some of those essay topics revolved around the emergence of zombie folklore from Haitian voodoo, the shift of mythical monsters from vampires to zombies, and ideas on how zombies are a reflection of us and society.  My senior thesis was dedicated to answering the question: why do people choose to consume horror visual culture? More specifically why do so many people choose to watch The Walking Dead? 

I’m extremely interested in all things ‘supernatural.’ I enjoy reading and watching content focused on zombies, vampires, ghosts and spooky folklore in general. I’m also on the journey of getting my master’s degree in creative writing and I’m currently working on a horror historical thriller short story that is centered around the story of the beast of Gévaudan in France.

I started this blog as a way to diver deeper into my interests and also share my thoughts will fellow horror fans.

An incredible necklace I purchased while at London Comic Con (2018).