The Greek Mythological Origin of Vampires

The apparent Greek mythological origin of vampires. A love story between Ambrogio and Selene from the 'Vampire Bible' or the 'Scriptures of Delphi.' This myth aims to describe how the first vampires were created.

‘Plague Land: Reborn’ by Alex Scarrow Review

NetGalley Book Review I really thought this book was going to be about something different. I was expecting a zombie book since it spoke of a virus and the title uses the word 'plague' (full-disclosure: I didn't read any other novels in this series, but the author could have done a better job explaining the … Continue reading ‘Plague Land: Reborn’ by Alex Scarrow Review

‘Feed’ by Mira Grant Review

Book Review Honestly, this book is worth the 5 stars, I don’t know why anybody would want to rate it any differently. I loved everything about this book, from the characters to the plot, it was all amazing. This story is what it says on the cover, Publishers Weekly called it, ‘Gripping, trilling and brutal’ … Continue reading ‘Feed’ by Mira Grant Review

‘Warm Bodies’ by Isaac Marion Review

Book Review I really really liked this book! I'm currently writing my university senior dissertation on zombie entertainment so I read this book to basically do some research. This book posed some amazing questions about society and basic human life. I think it was a really fresh way to read a story about zombies. Admittedly, … Continue reading ‘Warm Bodies’ by Isaac Marion Review

‘Until the End (The Quarantined Series: Book 1)’ by Tracey Ward Review

Book Review I picked this e-book up for free from the Amazon store simply because I'm a sucker for an apocalyptic zombie YA book. I figured since it was free that was already a good enough incentive to give the book a shot. I flew through the book in a matter of 2 days, I … Continue reading ‘Until the End (The Quarantined Series: Book 1)’ by Tracey Ward Review