Zombieland 2 Film Review

The original crew is back together exactly 10 years later! Zombieland first hit theaters back in 2009 offering up lots of laughs and some imaginative ways to kill our undead friends. It set the bar high in zombie entertainment and dare I say that no other zombie comedy film has been able to come close to its success (apart from the UK’s Shawn of the Dead ) so cinema goers were left wondering can a sequel made 10 years later live up to the hype and follow up such an iconic zombie film?

The short answer is: Yes. I eagerly ran to theaters the minute Zombieland 2 landed and I couldn’t wait to experience the sequel to the movie that started my interest (more like obsession) with the living dead. As a mega-fan of the original film I can positively say that this sequel was hilarious and full of gory goodness that did its predecessor proud.

Zombieland 2 introduced a few new characters but still centered around our favorite dynamic quad group of Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock. They are living in the White House and enjoying the zombie-free lifestyle in style. But as Columbus and Wichita’s relationship grows more serious, Little Rock is left yearning for the company of people her own age. Wichita (as seen in the first film) is easily spooked by commitment and Columbus’ proposal out of the blue sends her and Little Rock packing their bags and hitting the open road again as a pair – once again leaving the men alone and without a badass ride. 

Columbus, in a depressive rut after Wichita fled, is introduced to Madison (picture a clone of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde but far less intelligent) who has been living in a frozen yogurt freezer for the entire time since the apocalypse began. Columbus brings her back to stay at the White House and it’s not long before Wichita is back and asking for help because Little Rock has abandoned her to travel a hippie musician pacifist named Berkeley instead. 

The group of four hit the road in hopes of finding the two kids at Graceland, the home of the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. The rest of the movie is an adventurous action-packed film in which Tallahassee is badass, Columbus is awkward yet clever and Wichita has a sour look on her face. In the end Tallahassee even finds himself a pretty little lady of his own.

One of my favorite things about this sequel is Madison. She is absolutely insane but I found myself laughing the most whenever she was on screen. I also loved how they incorporated new types of zombies. They classified them by different characteristics. No longer were all zombies fast and deadly, they named a certain type Homers after Homer Simpson – who is overweight, very dumb and also pretty slow. But they also thought to include the opposite of Homers which are named T-800s and they are almost impossible to kill.

Therefore, with a combination of new characters, more diversified zombies and a bunch of new hilarious jokes, Zombieland 2 is an exciting new movie that I’m sure will become a zombie film classic just like its 2009 sibling film.

If I had to choose a rating – a solid 8.5 to 9 out of 10. I can’t decide! It is pretty damn good and don’t forget to stay in your seat while the credits start to roll because there are some deleted scenes featuring Bill Murray and how he fared when the initial zombie outbreak happened.

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