‘Until the End (The Quarantined Series: Book 1)’ by Tracey Ward Review

Book Review

I picked this e-book up for free from the Amazon store simply because I’m a sucker for an apocalyptic zombie YA book. I figured since it was free that was already a good enough incentive to give the book a shot.

I flew through the book in a matter of 2 days, I couldn’t seem to put it down, I just had to find out what happened to Jordan and Alissa. That being said this book isn’t as deeply polished as some of the other zombie books I’ve read, but that didn’t stop me from my overall enjoyment of the characters and the post-apocalyptic world that Tracey created. 

As a fairly new writer, I found myself constantly saying ‘Oh I like how she did that! I could use something like that in my own writing!’ It was significantly helpful reading a novel that isn’t polished perfection, it gave me the sense that all authors have to start somewhere and it gave me ideas of what to do (and not to do) in my own writing.

Onto the actual book review:

I thought Alissa’s character was extremely interesting. It’s quite hard to portray a mental illness without going over the top or seeming false. Her illness was truly terrifying in the midst of a zombie outbreak, not being able to distinguish reality in a life or death situation is a serious problem.

Jordan was also a complete dreamboat, bashing in zombie’s head left and right while boasting those baby blue eyes! Although I did have a bit of an issue with how fast he was instantly into Ali. It wasn’t love at first sight, so I don’t know why they were smitten with each other from the start. Possibly due to Ali’s similarity to his sister…but personally I didn’t think it was enough of a reason to be automatically glued to each other.

I’m excited to read the second book in the series, I can’t wait to see how Jordan and Ali along with Uncle Syd take to the mountains. I want to see if they develop even more as survivors in this zombie outbreak containment. I hope they become even more brutal and really let the undead have it! (Flashback to Ali’s epic zombie take-down when she gave the zombie a Chelsea grin and then tore off the entire bottom jaw effectively rendering the zombie bite-less.

I did notice many parallels to other popular zombie culture within the text and I love how the book kicked off by referencing The Walking Dead. I think it’s great that other zombie texts were referenced and then built upon. For example, Tracey’s version of zombies were slow and clumsy after they hit the fully infected state (approximately 60 minutes or so after the initial bite/contamination). But prior to that, given about 20 minutes after the bite, the zombie still had some logic and reasoning skills and were also extremely fast and strong, effectively maintaining some of their human characteristics. One of my favorite things about reading zombie literature or watching zombie visual culture is the different types of zombies that exist in these different post-apocalyptic worlds.

Overall: I’d rate this book a 3.5/4 stars (I couldn’t decide!)

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