‘Warm Bodies’ by Isaac Marion Review

Book Review

I really really liked this book! I’m currently writing my university senior dissertation on zombie entertainment so I read this book to basically do some research. This book posed some amazing questions about society and basic human life. I think it was a really fresh way to read a story about zombies. Admittedly, I watched the movie first and that made me want to read the book, but I have to say that I liked the book much more than the movie.

I think R was such an awesome main character, it was so fun to be inside a zombie’s head. However, I didn’t like the character Perry. I hate how his voice was stuck in R’s head, I didn’t really care that much about Perry’s backstory or his life goals. I was more interested in R’s life and his thoughts and I think that Perry’s thoughts got in the way.

Overall I think it was a sweet story with splashes of gore. It made me sit back and think about some deep questions about the joys of life and the problems in society. I recommend this book for any zombie lover or really anybody!

Click on the video below to hear my in-depth thoughts on the book:

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